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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Purpose of the association

Saeed Association
  1. To raise awareness of the importance of reducing traffic accidents for all members of society.
  2. Extending bridges of cooperation with civil society organizations to enhance the role of the development society.
  3. Cooperation with associations and clubs of communities within the State to enhance their role in educating their citizens about the culture and laws of the State in the field of traffic safety.
  4. Developing creative energies and encouraging new talent in finding solutions and suggestions to reduce traffic accidents.
  5. Holding training workshops, forums and conferences in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  6. Work to address traffic problems facing society.
  7. Raising the awareness of the community about the damage of traffic accidents and the size of traffic accidents and tragedies in the community in cooperation with the relevant authorities with the aim of deterrence.
  8. Holding companies with all concerned governmental and private bodies that influence the development of civil work to reduce traffic accidents.
  9. Communicate with regional and international organizations in the field of work and benefit from successful experiences according to the laws and regulations in force in the country.
  10. Conduct studies and research that will contribute to reducing traffic accidents.
  11. Assisting associations and relevant institutions to develop strategic plans and programs that achieve their objectives.
  12. Providing advice to the affected and specialized hospitals to treat the injured as a result of traffic accidents.